Another year has passed in your life, making you even wiser and stronger. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear ! :) sweet 20th . become OLD olredi ! May God bless you with love & care . Enjoy every moment & everyday in ur life . With the new year in ur life , may you achieve bigger things ! && i wish alot of fun and smiles to you (: sahida ! anyway , i want to apologize to you lahh , like you said la en " buang yang keruh , ambek yang jernih ! " dulu kite penah ta bertegur en en , frankly mmg dulu ade perasaan ta menyenang en sikit lah dgn awak . tp i forgot it olredi . dunt worry ! take positive ! i'm so so SORRY my dear . experience is the best teacher . once again , HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU nursahida abdullah sani . a big hug for you! <( 'o' )>

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